Marek Konatkowski comes from Warsaw and works in Józefów. He cooperates with Artbarbakan foundation. His works show various genre scenes. On the one hand they resemble Polish primitivism art and its central character – Nikifor Krynicki, on the other hand they come quite close to iconography by Jerzy Nowosielski. Both the flat colour patch as well as rough and intense colours remind us of German expressionists, Kirchner among them. Via this unusual form, the artist builds his artistic personality and wishes to inspire the audience to think of surrounding world.

Solo exhibitions
2013 Warsaw, N’69 Gallery
2015 Warsaw, Barbakan Baszta Gallery
2017 Warsaw, Barbakan Baszta Gallery
2018 Warsaw, Autonomia Gallery
2018 Warsaw, Wolskie Centrum Kultury
2018 Warsaw, Pawilon Sztuki (1-10 09 2018, opening 6th September)

Group exhibitions
2012 Sanniki
2016 Warsaw, Artist working with Artbarbakan Foundation, Barbakan Baszta Gallery
2017 Gimpo, CICA Museum, South Korea

Other activities
2016 7. Art Fresh Festival, Warsaw
2017 8. Art Fresh Festival, Warsaw
2018 16. Open Air Gallery, Berlin
2018 Artist-in-residency program organized by Andrzej Renes Foundation

Curator of exhibition at Autonomia Gallery, Adrianna Brocławska:
Once invited on plain air painting trip, Marek bought his first canvas and went along, not expecting to discover in himself an artistic talent. “I never came back from this trip,” he tells me jokingly, explaining how, after having painted in oils for the very first time, he could not shake off his fascination with the medium. Marek’s art owns much to this en plain air trip; it not only set off his artistic career, but also provoked him to carefully observe his surroundings. Coming back to town he remained an observer, and his observations of the world are at the core of his art.

The artist is not afraid of trying something new, and diversity could be seen at his solo exhibition at Galeria Autonomia; from his already familiar compositions with swimming pools, to his interest with cosmos, and the most recent experiments with assemblage. Reluctant to talk about his art in terms of interpretation, Marek believes in leaving it to a viewer. However, making a slight exemption, he hinted at two paintings that might encourage a dialogue, effectively introducing his audience to the exhibition.

Cosmonaut- a reoccurring element at the exhibition- is a figure of an adult in a costume that enlarges his head, making him resemble a little child; an adult who flies out to the world, but hovers in a void like a two-years-old. Painting of a cosmonaut as a centrepiece of the exhibition invited the viewer to look more into Marek’s works, which- under the colourful surface- might offer some uncanny critical observations of the contemporary world.

Virtuality– a work on two canvases that can be arranged together in more then one way- is an invitation to view Marek’s works in multiple ways. It stirs a discussion, creating new narratives by a possible change of the composition.

Jerzy Dziedziczak